what now

all the test are done, failed 2 won 1, the rest of the summer im suppose to find a job and and... dont know what else. was thinking of starting making a game about some thing, got a couple of ideas, ill start with the simplest one, just a walk down a flight of stairs. i think in the high end engines of today i should be able to produce a result relatively quickly and it should look and play good. should i consult some friends who study architecture? or just brute force it? any opinions?

p.s. my hare turned out just fine, i think ill keep it for a while longer


  1. hare? is that a new kind of rabbit? lol. but just get a job at some fast food place. anything to put on your resume. that is what will help build character as well. dealing with idot customers that is.

  2. must i remind you im illiterate cant tell the difference between a hare and hear :P but srsly thanks for the advice till try and do that

  3. Hare hare krishna :P
    No, just kidding.

    About game and graphics, you can try on your own, but if you fail then ask someone to help you.