not much

havent made a post in a while, there was stuff to do irl. just wanted to report in, let all you caring people know im not dead. i got sent to some neuropsychiatry clinic, what a treat... a small flight of stairs followed by a glass wall led to a hallway bending to the right. the stench of sweat crept i as made my way to the 5 locked doors at the end of the clinic, no door knobs, no keyholes. a flickering neon light kindly pointed the way back. i started knocking on random dors, one of them opened just as a junky walked in to the clinic. as his face ticked he asked for some medicine from the lady that opened the door. i cant tell you what emotion was displayed on her face, i dont think it was pleasant, here eye twitched as she replied: 'the doctor isnt in!'. some more words were tortured between them, he left, she turned to me, i passed her the paper. after a most unpleasant interaction i gathered enough information, and left. the sunlight newer felt to welcoming.


  1. funny how hospitals and places like the one you described are supposed to heal you, but they are terrible for your mental health. The way you described the Dr office is sooo accurate. just creepy!

  2. I like dr house, dont know why i thought of it. just did