for a couple of days now iv been sun gazing, and i dont know if its the meditation or the medicine, but im starting to feel better. im giving more credit to meditating, namely there was a time in my life when i had a lot of time on my hands and no better idea what to do than meditate and play dota. it is in that period that i learned the most about the the game, and more surprisingly about life, thers a subtle line connecting all things in life. but you already know that, its the realization of the thought and catching of the line thahs enlightening. im not saying im there, im just saying i can see it from here.

p.s. im getting my hare died black :3 ill let you know how that works out


  1. yes sir! Meditating is really good! if you meditate regularly, just looking at the sky makes you feel relaxed! past experience!

  2. Meditating is an excellent way to relax, although I haven't quite perfected doing it for long periods of time.

    Hope your hair turns out well^^

  3. sooo... sun gazing? that does not sound good for your eyes. haha. but sintting in the sun will force your skin to make VIT D. wich is great for many things from bone helath to mental health. so could be that playing a role in you feeling better too!