it is a good day to die

i think im coming down with a cold, fml. and just as the semester is about to start. as a kid i use to be so happy when i would get sick, cuz i got to skip school, now days i hate it... i still get to skip a few days, but then i get to skip a day whenever i feel like it, so this is not as much fun as it use to be. yup, got nothing better to blog about...ill run into something more fun eventually xD

a time as good as any

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so i bumped into this, got pushed, but gently. . . for a time i didnt know what was going on, then my brain tried to make sense of some of the things that were going on, then i ran and came back to enjoy it for what it is. . . ill go take a shower now


so... another pointless post. i hope by making them, sooner or later, ill start working up an addiction to this, and be able to write all my thoughts for you all to see and comment on... dont really know what its good for, i just hope that this somehow leads to a fuller and happier life xD