not sure if thats the way to translate it, but anyway, a friend proposed a solution to my mindless wondering through life with: starting a dramaturgy this fall. not sure if i should join, i think i got the bare minimum of what it takes, bullshitting skills a being barely literate. 

is there anyone of you who got some experience with this? what do you think, should i join? 

i have a dream!

so... yeah! i was thinking of pulling a joke on some people, it goes a little something like this:
walk into work/class, wait for that moment when you and that one person you might consider calling a friend are chatting alone in the corner. direct the conversation to the point where you start talking about your dreams. start of slow, but work it up to a grotesque sex scene. do your best to make him/here remember it. set up is done. now wait for a situation, preferably immediately after, where you, your friend and a coworker of the opposite gender, or same if your openly gay or relay like to spice the joke up, are engaged in conversation. punchline: make a clear statement of how you had a dream about the third party member and how you just told your friend how it went. the look on your friends face should be priceless, if not, ask him what can he recollect of the story.

i tried it, but was cut short by a lack of class brakes :(

tell me what you think, and if you got what it takes, do it and tell me about your experience.

and have fun!

Agnus Dei

SORAKA BUILD GUIDE: Agnus Dei by zhigatron - SoloMid.NET - League of Legends Competitive Gaming Community

so, surprisingly enough i managed to finish this. its a guide for a league of legend champion. i play a lot of this game, not really in to it, but its a good time killer till dot2 gets here xD if you got the time, and you know what is what in the world of lol go check it out, and if not google league of legends if you are interested, else let the shit storm begin! :D