i moved to sweden

...so yeah! didnt really move yet, just came here to check out the life, hopefully find a way to stay. been here for a week, traveling around gothenburg, still haw to work up the strength to go out and meet people; speaking of which, is there anyone in gothenburg here? and then a wild change of subject appears! ill be going to dreamhack! is anyone else going? if you are look for a guy in blue jeans, you cant miss me xD

its been a while

ok, i got no excuse, just didnt feel like blogging.been doing some drawing, hope ill get to a scanner so i can sho them to you ^^

the haze is back

thers nothing to be done, sitting around the house smoking, drawing some, not really feeling motivated to do anything. might as well play some video games, something 16 bit usually helps. ill let you know how that works out, in the mean time touch this i know you want to :)

what now

all the test are done, failed 2 won 1, the rest of the summer im suppose to find a job and and... dont know what else. was thinking of starting making a game about some thing, got a couple of ideas, ill start with the simplest one, just a walk down a flight of stairs. i think in the high end engines of today i should be able to produce a result relatively quickly and it should look and play good. should i consult some friends who study architecture? or just brute force it? any opinions?

p.s. my hare turned out just fine, i think ill keep it for a while longer

facebook fan page

i made a facebook fan page to promote this shit, thers a link in the link dump page, and in case you cant follow that link hers the direct link http://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Dued/228481423840101 please like so that i may steal your friends and promote this page manually :P

oh, look

almost no one came to visit. so this becomes a place where i write about shit once again, not that that changes anything, just that now  thers no one reading, anyway its my birth day today, so its only fitting that no one showed up. also ill make a facebook page to "promote" this blog. if you feel like it join and share. the link will be in the link dump, and ill make a post about it

hello there

not much happening lately, started doing nails, bought a bunch of nail polishes and materials, forgot to by white, idiot, didnt seem so obvious that it is really useful, beginner. apart from that, thers this sweet little number that flew in from the states. melancholy eyes, hare as long as her legs, and legs for miles. dark and aromatic, sure does have a purty lill mouth to go with all that charisma and character. unfortunately im banned from entering by here sister, who just so happens to be one of those people i dont got the heart to cross. still, its fun spending time with such a treat of a person. just hope she doesnt linger in my mind for to long :)